Poetry raw unfiltered
Not processed for consumption
Finely crafted
Freely given
With consideration
To rhythm, image, feeling
Of me through me
Of my everyday
Of my extraordinary
Capturing moments
Like a camera

Click click
A flick of my eyes
As I look
Air scented with heat
Drying my throat
As I walk
Down Cole Ave
In Dallas
I cough and catch
On my tongue
What is in the air

I am bitten by this thing
Infected with a desire
To spread words
Falling like clouds from the sky

One thought on “Swallowed

  1. I like the rhythum o.f this poem. It is very descriptive and captures well the feel of your walk down Cole in Dallas. I like sensory detail. It is our job as a writer I feel to pull the reader into the piece and have their senses as alert as ours are or were

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