I will peel myself
Away from you
To go home
Where you are not

I’ve been the one
To leave you
At the center, the hub, home
The axis around
Which I roamed

I will drive across miles
Of long grass prairie
Between home and here
Alone in the grasslands
Listening to the song of the wind
Echo empty
Trees strewn
In abandoned silos
Viewed from the road

In Dallas
The wind in the trees
The cars on the Dallas Tollway
A distant constant hmmm.
The man in the next room
A voice leaching through the wall,
the bounce of a ball on concrete.
A dragonfly buzzes the treetops
Searching for sustenance.

In Dallas
I wait for you day long
While you work, come home weary
I am alone in a room writing
I could walk, explore the city
Instead I write
Fiction, poetry and this.

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