Petroglyph Meditation #1



on a lush green slope
of Volcán Maderas
in dappled light
sun and shadow
weave a swathe
over rock strewn path
lava propelled from within
formed basalt, carved with spirals
falling from time and space
curvilinear lines
rendered on the surface
twisting coiled curving movements
a snake slithers across
a butterfly wings through air
a turtle swims
two volcanic peaks
known before
by other names
imagine these possibilities
made by hand long ago

4 thoughts on “Petroglyph Meditation #1

  1. Dear heart, did you write this? YOU? It is MARVELOUS!! LOVE IT!! I am sending Ruben over here later this morning. BRAVO. Anita

  2. Dear Greta
    First off, I love the title of this poem. Can anything but poetry capture the historical moment, preserved in stone, you share with us here, created by real people with their own lives and struggles, joys, questions and faith to answer them? I also track with your word choices like swathe, spirals, and curvilinear, that seem to point to the organic, sinewy stories or paths of the ancient people of the glyph: “twisting coiled curving moments”. You have inspired me. So I go to write. See you tomorrow.
    Bravo on your website. I really like your format and links to your blog, etc.

  3. Yes, poetry has power contained within it. It can be as powerful as something like a petroglyph that has stood for years.
    Thanks for your words about my poem.

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